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Our History

  Started on 8th January, 1979 with 2 classes, 2 teachers and 35 children.

  Increased to 4 Classes by 1984.

  Increased 1 large Class in 1986.

  Number of children increased to 210 in 1988.

  Principal appointed in 1988.

  First Ex-students Meet 1989.

  1 more class added in 1993.

  Playgroup started in 1998.

  First Application for Education Excellence in 2004.

  Spoken English Class for Mothers started in 2005. 2 teachers in each class - implemented.

  BEJS was given a special recognition for achieving the highest score among all schools of Jamshedpur in the TEEP (Tata Education Excellence Process). A computer centre in each class by 2006.

  To facilitate Technology Aided Learning in the classrooms, all computers connected by LAN in 2007.

  In 2008 we have 260 children in 7 classes with a Principal, 15 teachers, 2 office personnel and 7 staff. BEJS was selected by the British Council to work in the UKIERI (UK-India Education and Research Initiative) programme. BEJS website launched.

  In 2009 BEJS received the first prize for the EQUIP(Education Quality Improvement Project) – ‘Multiple Intelligences woven into the Activity Based Curriculum’ and was awarded for its Best Practice- ‘Teachers’ Professional Portfolios for continuous improvement in teaching methods’. The façade of the school was changed with an impressive entrance.

  In 2010 we had a new office, a new staff room and a Conference room added. We were in the TEEP score band of 550-600 and were recognized for “Significant Achievement in Excellence in Education”.

  In 2011, we modified our vision to include sharing our knowledge with other school teachers. At the Symposium-cum-Exposition on Safety and Health, BEJS won the prestigious Safety Award given by Tata Steel. ‘Let Us Share Learning with Fun’ was the EQUIP that was given recognition. BEJS also presented 4 Best Practices in the Exhibition held by TQMS (Tata Quality Management Services).

  In 2012, 2 new classrooms and an additional toilet facility were constructed without increasing the number of students to provide better amenities. ‘Open House to communicate MI Techniques” was the EQUIP that was recognized by TQMS. Broadband connection was installed for better access to the Internet.

  In 2013 the school was awarded the coveted Dr. J. J. Irani Award for Excellence in Education as it scored over 600 points in the TEEP assessment of 2012.

  Although our children are very small, in 2014, BEJS started working with International Schools to make children aware of the outside world. We have started collaborating with a school in Singapore and doing Projects with them through the British Council.

  Mrs. Huffrish D’Souza and Mrs. Frenny Patel, joined the school in 1979 and were with BEJS for around 20 years before they left school, as they went away from Jamshedpur.

  Mrs. Bepsi Modi is with BEJS since 1985.

  Mr. Subhas Bahadur was appointed in 1979 when the school started and he is still with us today!

  The post of a Principal was created only in 1988 and Mrs. Shireen N. Dotivala was appointed.