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  The School has 9 large, airy classrooms, two of which are large enough to be used as party halls when needed

  There are 3 toilets with small commodes, mirrors and basins at the level of the children.

  Children in all the classes sit on mats so there are no accidental falls.

  There is a small playground with a sandpit, 2 swings, and a slide. There is a larger fenced -in playfield for free play outdoors.

  All the classes are connected through an intercom to the Principal’s room through which music is played.

  Water is supplied from an Aquaguard.

  There are 4 fire extinguishers in different areas.

  There is a piano in the large room.

  A DLP projector is available for slideshows and presentations

  A digital camera is readily available for recording activities and children’s work.

  Expansion: The expansion project designed to give better and safer facilities to our children, teachers and parents, has been completed. The entrance to the school has been enhanced by having gradual steps and a clear area for assembly. In two classes that had only one exit, a new door has been added. The playground can now be approached by a large door through the Activity room. We have expanded the infrastructure to include a functional Office, a Conference Room and a comfortable Staff Room. Two additional classrooms which can double up as a large hall have been completed. There is a plan to have  an additional  landscaped playground for the children.


  Each class has attractive library corner with children’s books.

  Each class has blackboards at the level comfortable for the children to write on.

  Each class has a computer which is used for presentations by the teacher and for work by the children.

  Each class has display boards at the eye-level of the children.

  Lots of toys and visual aids are available in each classroom.

  There is ample storage space in the form of cabinets in each class.