Communication with Parents

A close relationship exists between the students, parents and the Faculty

  • A formal Orientation Meeting for the Parents is held at the start of the school year to acclimatize them with the working of the school.
  • Parent Teacher meetings are held every two months where a clear report is given to the parents about the child’s all round development.
  • Activities for Parents are conducted every other month, where we offer a platform for open communication. Some of these activities are a Mothers' Meet, Daddy's Day and an Open House.
  • Written information is sent to the parents through regular circulars.
  • In emergencies we communicate with the parents by phone.
  • The suggestion box and feedback forms allow the parents free access to air their views. Please use them.
  • The School newsletter “Little Wonders” is distributed every quarter
  • Parents can meet the Vice Principal on any weekday between 9 am. and 10 am and meet the teachers for one hour after the school hours.
  • On requests from the parents, we started Spoken English classes twice a week for mothers, which are very much appreciated.

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