International Connections

    The British Council ISA Award 2015-18 was presented on 8th July 2015 during the British Council School Award Ceremony at New Delhi. The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries including Rob Lynes, Director - British Council. Mr. Mark Hebert, Global Head of Schools presented the ISA Award to the then Principal , Late Mrs. Shireen Dotivala and the ISA Co-ordinator Mrs. Usha Bahadur. This award celebrates "Internationalism in Schools" and marked the successful completionof a years collaborative work with schools abroad. Baug-e-Jamsheed School has been accredited for Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum.

    In 2014 we have tried to build and sustain connections with International Schools. We have worked on projects with Global Indian International School, East Coast, Singapore and our UKIERI partner, Air Balloon Hill Primary School, Bristol. Besides this, our Principal has visited a few schools in the USA and learnt from them. The purpose of this exchange is to share our best practices and gain from international exposure.

    In the month of April 2014, BEJS had a project on ‘ Yummy Fruits and Vegetables'. We took inputs from GIIS, Singapore on different fruits eaten there. A Power Point presentation was made on the same and shown to our children.
    a In June, BEJS had a Toy Day where children were encouraged to bring their favorite toys from home. Air Balloon Hill Primary School sent us pictures of their children with toys.
    BEJS had a Fancy Dress Parade in October, for the children to learn about ‘People Who Help Us’. Students of GIIS, Singapore participated in an event called 'Green Ramp for a Blue Planet
    BEJS celebrated Independence Day with a special assembly along with singing of some patriotic songs. GIIS, Singapore also celebrated Indian Independence Day

      Every year we have a Learn with Fun Day . This year twenty-two schools from the city of Jamshedpur participated in the event .The visiting teachers got a good glimpse of using various methods of teaching and learning through activities based on Multiple Intelligences. The participating children for a day were able to
      enjoy the teaching and learning methods practiced at BEJS.

      On November 20, students of GIIS, Singapore engaged in collaborative art by assembling their colourful work and creating a huge masterpiece using recycled paper.
    Leaf Rangoli: The children of BEJS and GIIS, Singapore created designs with fallen leaves, sticks, and colours. Teachers drew shapes and the children did the innovative art activity .

    Planting a Sapling: Parents of BEJS planted saplings in school and the children watched them grow and wateredthem. GIIS, Singapore also conducted a similar activity.

    GIIS, Singapore sent us pictures of their children making the Human Body with dried leaves and our kids made the same.

    GIIS, Singapore had a Whacky Hats Day. We, at BEJS used this fun activity during our teachers’ picnic with hilarious results!


UKIERI(UK-India Education and Research Initiative) (2008 to 2010)


UKIERI The UK- India Education and Research Initiative was a 5 year Programme which aimed to improve educational links between India and the UK. UKIERI was announced by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair during his visit to India in September 2005, and launched by him in April, 2006.
Clusters of Schools in India and the U.K. were invited to apply. Six Schools of Jamshedpur - Baug-E-Jamsheed School, Jamshedpur Public Schoo, DBMS Kadma High School, J. H. Tarapore School, Kasidih High School and Tarapore School, Agrico formed the first Jamshedpur Cluster. We struck a partnership with 4 schools of Bristol - Air Balloon Hill Infant School, Parson Street Primary School, Perry Court Junior School, and Waycroft Primary School. This Cluster worked for a period of 3 years on the joint curriculum project - The 5 R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse and Rejoice.  Many of the activities learnt at the UK schools were shared with the schools of Jamshedpur).

Teachers of Bristol visit BEJS



a a
The Jamshedpur Cluster at Bristol Head Teachers of Bristol schools at BEJS Archana Teacher at Bristol School

This is what the Bristol Custer had to say about BEJS

 Strong vision, a strong sense of moral purpose & lots of ‘happiness’
 Collective staff responsibility for the development of all children in their care  Positive relationships with children & stakeholders
 Collective focus of staff & their support for each other
 Strong leadership from the top & evidence of distributive leadership
 Engagement with stakeholders & an understanding of the challenges they face  Strong UKIERI links.







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